Gwinnett County ARES has developed the Basic Emergency Communications material based on the ARRL EC-001 class. This material is not intended to replace the ARRL classes but simply to ensure that all ARES members issued a Gwinnett ARES ID have met a basic level of proficiency. 

Additional training material below includes presentations from previous meetings and other useful documents.

For a list of training requirements for Gwinnett ARES, check the information on the Join Us page.

Gwinnett County Training Material
(Required to receive new Gwinnett ARES Deployable ID
Basic Emergency Communications Test Material
Gwinnett ARES Basic Skills Online Test
The links above are to be used for applicants for Gwinnett ARES only.  If you wish to take a test for another county, visit the Georgia ARES site,
ARRL EC course registration
Colorado ARES training material
         (source for most of the ARRL EC courses) 

ARRL (National) ARES Training Material
     Public Service Communications Manual (formatted)
     ARRL Public Service Communications Manual (Online)
     ARES Field Resources Manual
     Emergency Coordinators Manual

Skywarn and National Weather Service
     Basic Spotter Manual
     Advanced Spotter Manual
American Red Cross Community Disaster Education Materials
Atlanta Red Cross classroom courses
FEMA Saferooms (Check out their links)
FEMA Emergency Management Institute - Independent Study Course List
Citizen Corps - Citizen Preparedness Publications
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Materials
Presentations and Material Available for Download
Message Handling (presented October, 2006)
Packet Primer (presented November, 2006)
Net Control Presentation (presented January, 2007)
Tornado Drill Review (presented February, 2007)
Winlink 2000 Presentation (presented May, 2007)
Search & Rescue Presentation (presented January, 2008)
          Dennis Martin S&R Case Study

Preparedness Awareness (presented February, 2008)
Weather Reporting Criteria (presented February, 2008)
Amateur Radio and P=IE (presented July, 2008)
NVIS Antennas (presented August, 2009)
GPS Basics and Use (presented October, 2009)
72 Hour Go-Kit (presented March, 2010)
Basic Radio Direction Finding (presented January, 2011)
Gwinnett ARES WX Spotting (presented May, 2012)
GARS Repeater System (presented July, 2012)
Power-pole Connectors (presented April, 2015)
NVIS multiband antenna (presented March, 2017)

Digital Saturday Presentations (March, 2008)
APRS Presentation
PSK31 Presentation
PSK31 Optimization
PSK31 Tips
Getting Started With Digipan
D-STAR Operations and Programming
Packet Basics

Using Winlink 2000