Net Information
Gwinnett ARES holds weekly training and information nets on the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society 2 meter repeater every Monday night beginning at 8:30pm local time or immediately after the GARS Net.  The net operates on 147.075 MHz(+) with a PL tone of 82.5.  The Net Control Station (NCS) and Alternate NCS rotates among the Member Groups according to the schedule below.  Each Member Group is responsible for providing an NCS or ANCS for their assigned month allowing team members to gain valuable net operating experience.

The net will begin with voice check-ins followed by a digital net immediately following the conclusion of the voice net.  The digital net will utilize one digital mode each week rotating among FLdigi, Packet, Winlink and D-STAR/D-RATS each week according to the schedule below.
Emergency nets, either SKYWARN or for other emergency situations, can be activated at any time when the need arises.  Severe weather nets are always activated when a severe warning, such as a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning, is issued by the National Weather Service.  Emergency nets should only be activated by the Emergency Coordinator, the Net Manager or one of the Assistant ECs.  However, if none are available and an emergency situation exists, any member may activate a net.

Net operation procedures are available on the Plans page.
The current Training Net script (updated March 1, 2017) can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF for use on the Monday evening Training Net.
The Georgia Section ARES HF Net operates each Sunday evening at 2200 hours Zulu (6:00 pm Summer, 5:00 pm Winter) on 3975 KHz.  All ARES members are encouraged to check in to the Net to exercise HF operation. The Metro Atlanta ARES District Net operates a VHF net on the first Sunday evening of the month at 1600 or 4:00 pm local time.  The net operates on 146.805+ MHz (PL 100).  All Metro Atlanta ARES members are encouraged to check in to this net.
Gwinnett ARES Net NCS / ANCS Signup
To signup for a VHF, HF or Digital NCS or ANCS position use this link.
2017 Net Control Assignments by Member Groups
Date NCS/ANCS Responsibility  
January, 2017 Alpha
February, 2017 Bravo    
March, 2017 Charlie    
April, 2017 Alpha    
May, 2017 Bravo    
June, 2017 Charlie    
July, 2017 Alpha    
August, 2017 Bravo    
September, 2017 Charlie    
October, 2017 Alpha    
November, 2017 Bravo    
December, 2017 Charlie    

After conducting a net, please immediately e-mail a text copy of your net log to unless alternative arrangements have been made with the AEC.  Reporting format is:  Text (TXT) file, one station call sign to each line.   Net participation is usually transcribed into the data base within 18 hours of the end of the net.

 Questions, please e-mail

2017 Weekly Digital Net Mode  
1st Monday of the month Winlink 2000  
2nd Monday of the month D-STAR / D-RATS  
3rd Monday of the month FLDigi HF  
4th Monday of the month FLDigi  
5th Monday of the month Packet