Interested in attending an ARES meeting?  
Gwinnett County ARES has a regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Gwinnett Emergency Operations Center, 800 Hi Hope Road, in Lawrenceville. The meetings start at 7:30 PM local time.  Talk-in available on the GARS  2 meter repeater [147.075+ MHz, PL 82.5].  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Planning Committee consists of the Emergency Coordinator and Assistant ECs and serves as the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for Gwinnett ARES.  A Planning Committee meeting is held each month to discuss the business of Gwinnett ARES.  The meeting is open to any Gwinnett ARES member.  The PC meetings will be held at the Gwinnett Emergency Operations Center, in Lawrenceville. The Planning Committee meetings will be on the same day as the regular meeting and starts at 6:30 PM local time.

2017 Gwinnett ARES Meeting Schedule

Monthly Meetings
 January 24
 February 28
 March 28
 April 25
 May 23
 June 27
 July 25
 August 22
 September 26
 October 24
 November 28
 No December meeting